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Business Scalability and Sustainability in a happy union.

STM Business solutions is a registered information technology company formerly under the name MH Manik and Associates. Inspired by the willingness of great minds to help startup, individual and medium businesses succeed, we started out providing quality and accurate financial calculations and documents assist to our clients. Haven promoted, developed, and revived many businesses from the brink of collapsing.web development

Aided by our drive to do better and ensure there is no loose end in the business and information technology world, we went a step further, adding WordPress based web development and E-commerce solution services to our repertoire.

At STM business solutions, we have assembled a team of young, dynamic, proven, grounded, and readily available professionals to tackle everything related to and under WordPress based website development & solutions, e-commerce development & services and as well finance documents and calculations assist payroll services.

To make sure our clients continue to excel, we don't just leave them to themselves after providing services. Instead, our team of experts follows up on the progress made and gives timely advice, recommendations, and interventions on areas of possible improvements.

Our passion is using information technology to grow businesses beyond the imagination of the owners. Be it website development, e-commerce development, and services. We make sure our clients' businesses are at the top of the pyramid in their fields.

Our Mission
To use information technology to provide businesses with the requisite tools and platforms to grow exponentially.