If you manage a small business and don’t use the services of a payroll processing company, you have to process payroll manually, and it’s quite daunting. Generating paystubs is generally time-consuming, more so if you’re dealing with many employees. Since you need to focus on important business decisions to build your brand, it pays to hire a paystub generating company to free you of the administrative work.

At STM business solutions, we offer a comprehensive paystub generator that’s easy to use. With our paystub calculator software, processing payroll is as easy as providing the company name and your salary information.

Apart from doing the calculations for you, our paystub generator allows you to customize the color and theme of your paycheck stubs. You can also put your company logo as a watermark on the paystub.

The paystub process is divided into three steps as follows:

Enter information – At this point, you’re required to fill in the required information about the employee, employer, salary and pay period. Our team will then perform the calculations immediately to have your payroll ready.

Preview your paystub – Once the paycheck stub is ready, you’ll be able to preview it to confirm the details before it’s printed.

Download your paystub – If everything captured on the paycheck stub is correct, then you can proceed to download the document and print it.

Would you like to process your payroll cost-effectively? Make use of our paystub generator today at an affordable price!